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Women Value Relationships, Men Value Work

Modern society is a mere blip on the screen of human evolution. Hundreds of thousands of years of living in traditional roles has left modern men and women with brain circuitry that causes most of our relationship problems and misunderstandings. Men have always defined themselves by their work and accomplishments and women define their own […]

Time always pass you by…

I still can’t believe it that I haven’t updated for such a long time. Time has flown month by month and eventually year by year. A decade is such a short fleeting time. It is scary that the years goes by so fast that there is so little time to achieve things according to my […]

Unlimiting my limit beliefs

Am still in training to train my limit beliefs. It is one of the hardest and noblest tools to conquer the belief system. There are alot of limit decision/beliefs to a vary degree depending on what obstacles you have faced recently. Now I have come to find myself to have a limit beliefs whenever there […]

Unlocking my mind.

Now I am at a threshold of believing in what I want in life. I will not major in minor things anymore. I am going to get what I want which I haven’t gotten before 6 years ago during my university years in Australia, Brisbane. I am going to revive it once more. I am […]

Time is not a solution. Planning is.

Why? Doesn’t matter whether if you have enough time or not. Rushing things will leads to failure thus causing upstages in work, mind, body and soul where you agonize over small or big things that will topple you over. It can cause a headache thus leading to mistakes in life. Success is never an accident. […]

Don’t waste life.

Everything in life always has a beginning and has no end. It is a common phase in life. Youth is even precious. Make the best out of it. It is common knowledge but many people didn’t have the time to take notice so it should not let life be a fleeting clouds that takes no […]


MOST PEOPLE STRUGGLE IN LIFE AND BUSINESS (AND NO, IT’S NOT WHAT YOU’VE BEEN TOLD) Why, with all this time, money, and energy being spent on self-help, are so few people living the life they really want? Another way to ask this is: Why are millions of people who have spent so much time and […]

Journey of a Lifetime

This weblog is far from a blog as my journey of a thousand miles start with one step…….. This is never ending and I don’t know where to begin and end so I believe it is a journey of my thoughts into something unwavering that I want to venture into my incomprehensible mind. There is […]

Life is not about why but a reason.

With heighten reason you can find a belonging and where you roam about in affluent way of your wealth’s experience. Believe in yourself that you can instill your passion to to achieve something extra-ordinary. Go by the extra miles. It is by no easy feat of your travels in search for your lost time with […]

Learn failure as an experience

Even in world class university or best education system does not teach you how to face failure and deal with it productively. Failure is considered as an embarassment to many and a secret that isn’t discussed in public openly for fear people might think inferior about you. This is natural. It is a common traits. […]