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Learn to be adaptable

We live in a world where things are changing. The seasons come and go. Tide comes in and out. Inflation goes up and down. People get hired and fired. You would think we learn that the underlying law of the universe is change. Instead we get angry. Don’t be!! Live with it. The law is […]

The compromise to your well-being

I would like to finally say “It’s not that compromise is inherently wrong,” “I just didn’t find anything to my interest very seriously satisfying. It is always not enough to know how, what, why, when as unfortunate crisis might unfold within you or you have thoughts of a words that you want to express but […]

I’m not naive but am humbly inexperience

I am not naive enough to believe that one episode in the wake of any kind of catastrophe can erase decades of mistrust. But it’s a start… For the past 5 years during my undergraduate days, living aboard after graduation at the same time in Australia, have experienced ups and downs through business dealings, networking […]

What if my dream is impossible?

Humans do incredible things. Consider Roger Crawford, The American born with one leg and two arms, but no hands. Roger became a professional tennis player. That is, he earned professional status and coached tennis for a living. You can read his story in his book, “PLAYING FROM THE HEART“. Roger’s story makes you take a […]

Trying New Things

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten Ask “courageous” people who they find the nerve to quit jobs, start business, buy real estate, move to different countries, do anything new and you’ll find a common approach. They ask themselves the question: “IF THE WORST HAPPEN, COULD I DEAL WITH […]

Goodbye Australia, Singapore here I come..

It is a once lifetime’s biggest decision maker which I have open my mindset and live with changes. Financial crisis is one of the main reason because of Amercia banks and now all over the world is quite affected because most countries is doing business dealings with Amercia especially stocks. Now Australia currency has dropped […]

A long way ahead…

I came a long road that is less travelled but experience the process that no amount of money can buy. It is PRICELESS. It is something which the worldly knowledge meets unfathomable that wisdom is unexplained in a word. It can lead to a downfall in a day but to build from the ground up […]

Life is not just about you

Incomprehensible: Your life’s purpose is far greater than your own personal fulfillment, your peace of mind or even your happiness. It is even far greater than your career, family or even your wildest dreams and ambitions. Intelligent: Do you know why it is so? Because the purpose of your life always began with ourselves which […]