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I—inject投入、L—loyal忠诚、O—observant用心、V—valiant勇敢、E—enjoyment喜悦、Y—yes愿意、O—obligation责任、U—unison和谐,这就是最爱的一种诠释,你说过I Love You吗? Hahaha…this was taken from my Canon IXUS 750. ^_^

St Lucia, Brisbane dinners 2006

This photo was taken back in 2006 when I was cooking for my inviting friends for a meal. Was an enjoyable meal back then. Fun and enjoyable that no feelings can describe the normal picture that is shown here. It feels like old friends meeting for old time’s sake. Sorry my friend for the long […]

Student life in 2006

Here is a glimpse of a few photos of what my student life table looks like and it was taken in 2006. Oh my my how time have flown by in a twink of an eye and it is the year 2010. Here it is taken in Toowong, Brisbane, Australia. Another one taken at my […]

Small But Beautiful

Taken by my Nokia E72 while I was at the departure of Hong Kong International Airport. Here is the pics: This look interesting to me.

Wall Post-It

Was bored at night for a brief moment and decide to scribble on the wall. ;p

Quentin Bday 2009

That is his first post for birthday boy in September 5th 2009. Sorry for the wait. Here is the review: Another one just for fun. For Quentin…

The birdview

Awesome view up from high altitude up in the sky overlooking the clouds like a mashmallow looks sweet enough to eat like candy.

Sunday of ransacking my room

Oh.. I dread hot Sunday morning & afternoon. Still so tired. Anyway was ransacking my room and turning my things upside down. Tons of novels and business books piling up my container boxes. Looking back, I didn’t realised that I have read and brought so much books from 2007 to 2009. As I flipped one […]

New Year 2009

Singapore’s Marina Bay countdown…. Nothing much to post here since I need to relax in Year 2009. Cheers… so long till then.

Singapore night view of Sentosa Casino Resort underway

A photo shot by my Canon IXUS 750 in maual setting mode of 200 iso. Not really clear through. Was planning to take it when it is day time to see the difference. It was actually shot at Vivocity next to Sentosa where the view was somewhere near. Hopefully I have time to take it […]