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Windows VS Apple?

Microsoft: I am the greatest monopoly. The greatest software maker. The people can’t resist my windows OS. Haha. And people still kept using Windows till Vista. Apple: So what, I am  the best and greatest eye catching design ever made on earth. No one can really match up to me. *grins* Linux: WOW both of […]

Incomprehensible Intelligent

Incomprehensible was feeling good while Intelligent was feeling moody. Here is the show: Another one that everyone should ponder on:

Their journey to Genting Highlands

Dedicated to Mike, Mick, Adrian: Good luck in Genting Highlands Mike: I ‘m afraid to use car. I scared might meet with a mishap. DAMNIT!! I don’t wanna drive car coz I scared that might meet an accident. Mick: WHAT! OMG!! TOUCHWOOD!! Mike spit your word out. How can you be scared if you are […]

The whole picture

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.” – John Muir Science has done wonders for us, but it’s one side of the spectrum. Science dissects. The intellect pulls things apart. The heart brings things together. There are questions to which information and intelligence […]