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Heaven sent

Life is a gift that I wasn’t born intelligent, doesn’t have worldly sense, am not powerful speaker, knowing the life of ins and outs. I grew up knowing nothing, was very wilful, was innocent and stubborn, void of feelings, taking people for granted and to top it all not showing appreciation. Now I came to […]

Singapore wanting to be world class?!?

Having read it in Business Times (The Weekend) on 25th saturday. There is one articles that have caught my eyes and thoughts. There is something which I do share her viewpoints. Her statement is somewhat catch my attention in terms of knowledge. It is very practical in a sensible way. “Singapore cannot be internationally competitive […]

37 words of ohiit

From my perception regarding about what “OHIIT” is expected to be? It is for my own personal self-thoughts and education to the world. Some audience might noticed that ohiit sound like “OH SHIT” in their subconscious mind or see things in different perspective way. I’m fine with the way it is. But to all the […]

Life is always overlooked

WHY……? Because people are so busy with their work, friends, family, daily lives and is often overlooked by their personal views without any thoughts. Didn’t spent time with what they want to do with life that is enriching. People do have a job and I do understand that as job need an income to support […]

I didn’t know the rule of capitalism.

There is one thing we have to be aware… Old rule of capitalism, it was financially smart to save money. In the new captialism, it’s financial insanity to save a currency. It makes no sense to park your currency. In the new capitalism, currency must keep moving. If a currency stop flowing, it becomes worth […]

Heng Long International Ltd as a Public Listed

It has long been overdue and Heng Long has gone IPO last 8th July 2008. So I wish my friend Koh Wei Kang in helping succeed his dad company through generation, take it even further and to greater heights. It has taken Heng Long thirty long years to become what it is today started by […]

I used to be unintelligent.

Haha, I don’t mean I am stupid but am actually very ignorant when I was in my younger days. But now as time flows pass. I came to realise the importance of friendship, people’s viewpoints, different mindset and self-encouraging books are a way to change your life’s experience. From everything you see and do is […]

Reaching thirty yet?

To all my friend out there including my hearing impaired friends. I hope you all are reading this articles of mine and if not then the sad fact is we are still growing up or maybe not at all. I have yet to reaching thirty but will soon in time. 2 years later. I have […]

Gold Coast, Sydney and Macau views

My perspective view through my camera’s eye. Enjoy the photograph. Beautiful view isn’t it so. It was so breath-taking as I stared across the view faraway through my camera’s lenses as I took the shot in wide mode and stitch it across. Gold Coast was taken in 2005 while Sydney was taken in 2006 and […]

In life nobody cares.

It is in fact indeed true. BRUTAL TRUTH out there. WHY? Because noboday care or give a thought. So do it yourself is your best choice in life. Fight your way up and chase dreams after dreams. Your own way. Be creative. Life is not yours to fall on. Your life is to fight a […]