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Nearing End of Year 2008 (What is your point?)

Hi Guys and ladies, What are you all planning for next year’s resolution? Hopefully it be a good and enlightens year ahead of you during the Singapore economic downturn. It will take forever for Singapore to grow despite the world financial crisis that has hit everyone mentally but not the very least but to the […]

Splendor thinking has no start or an end to begin with

The world against us is not the only thing that flows to mind. Global issue is not the only topic at end of doubt reasoning. It is the only beginning that forms the knowledge of mind blowing comprehension that affairs of the world where the bigger picture can be an ugly side of the truth. […]

The road to health is intelligent’s wealth

WHY!! See on the diagrams of mind-setting I have drawn out as a guidelines. Why discipline is so important in our everyday life? Because discipline is not everyone’s favourite word. But self-discipline makes all the difference. Discipline is something you can’t be learnt by heart but experience, it is something within you where you have […]

At a warp speed of intelligence mutiny

Intelligence is not a means to let the whole world see or hear how good you are. It is all about delivering your capabilities at the right time at the right place. Intelligence is an old evolution where it has been sidelined many times over. Even a genius, experts and millionaires have yet to reach […]

Life is not rocket science

Have you ever wonder how you see on movies, media and Tv news that rocket can shoot you up into space. You go “Ohhhh, Ahhhhh, Wow, Hmmmm..” Impressive at first sight and your eye peer wide wondering how did they do it. This is not rocket science to be brutal honest. It requires the best […]

Time flown like yesteryear

Looking at these photos of my past, it was so fleeting. A fleeting moment in time where worldly boundaries doesn’t meet. Knowing bar none, it was a memory down the lane where people seems like a saint that I look upon them as a stargazer that never wither. A fleeting moment of time that whiz […]

Learn failure as an experience

Even in world class university or best education system does not teach you how to face failure and deal with it productively. Failure is considered as an embarassment to many and a secret that isn’t discussed in public openly for fear people might think inferior about you. This is natural. It is a common traits. […]

Learn to be adaptable

We live in a world where things are changing. The seasons come and go. Tide comes in and out. Inflation goes up and down. People get hired and fired. You would think we learn that the underlying law of the universe is change. Instead we get angry. Don’t be!! Live with it. The law is […]