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Christmas 2008

Journey of a Lifetime

This weblog is far from a blog as my journey of a thousand miles start with one step…….. This is never ending and I don’t know where to begin and end so I believe it is a journey of my thoughts into something unwavering that I want to venture into my incomprehensible mind. There is […]

Feelings is an investment

Love is like a business transaction where you get to invest part of your precious time. I don’t mean the money issue. It is something out of this ordinary world where romance doesn’t flutter but a sleeting days of time forgotten. Once you feel you trust your soulmates, it all depends on your business thoughts […]

December days flows by in a swift

Was busy with work. I have nothing much to say this week as I am pre-occupied with work nowdays, keeping myself busy to forget all the little-bitting bits of economic downturns (TOO MUCH CRAP IN NEWSPAPER). I am learning the Windows Scripting for Win 2003 Server just for the sheer fun of it. Just to […]