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What every problem you will ever face really is

We typically fear, try to avoid, ignore, or get away from problems. But really, a problem is simply a question hasn’t been answered yet. Any problem, from the trivial to the tremendous, is really a question searching for an answer. Here are a few serious global problems and their associated questions: Global warming: “How can […]

Quentin Bday 2009

That is his first post for birthday boy in September 5th 2009. Sorry for the wait. Here is the review: Another one just for fun. For Quentin…

Learning from unconscious people

Let’s go back to our Three Percenters–the people who have what the rest of the world wants. Many of these Three Percenters realised that they could help people (and make alot of money) by teaching other people the so-called “secrets of success.” In other words, “how I got here.” I am sure most of them […]


MOST PEOPLE STRUGGLE IN LIFE AND BUSINESS (AND NO, IT’S NOT WHAT YOU’VE BEEN TOLD) Why, with all this time, money, and energy being spent on self-help, are so few people living the life they really want? Another way to ask this is: Why are millions of people who have spent so much time and […]

The Three Percenters

I want to introduce you to a very special group of people. Actually, you’ve seen these people on TV or in the movies; and you’ve certainly seen them onstage, winning award after award at your company’s annual convention. These are the world’s most successful people. They have most of the wealth, happiness, joy, peace, health […]

Know Who You Are

Of course you need to be aware of the circumstances that surround you, you need to be knowledgeable about the world, you need to know history. But even more important, you need to know yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask what drives you. If you can understand these things up front, you […]

The birdview

Awesome view up from high altitude up in the sky overlooking the clouds like a mashmallow looks sweet enough to eat like candy.

The Other Sex

That would be, men. Where have men been taught their worth comes from? Men, since the beginning of human history, have been taught or told that their worth comes from their possessions, titles, job, net worth, holdings, size of bank account — what I call their material bodies (as opposed to their physical bodies). While […]

Wisest guru in the land

A man travels many miles to consult the wisest guru in the land. When he arrives, he asks the wise man: “Oh, wise guru, what is the secret of a happy life?” “Good judgement,” said the guru “But oh, wise guru,” says the man, “how do I achieve good judgement?” “Bad judgment,” says the guru. […]

OMG Facebook error

Arrgghhh.. And another one.. My god!! Life must sucks. Haha.. Nothing out of the ordinary. On the otherhand, I upload something general out of the blue just for fun by photoshop. *grins*