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Long distance love

Once we were in love Yet now we are breaking up Even if we are miles apart Please do not forget me Every time the chill wind blows past my fingertips I can hear your laughter in my ears I remember your eyes that reflect my face Thinking of you Much loneliness I cried and […]

The moment of tomorrow

Life in the fast lane can be a wonderful feeling but can sometimes be a stumbling block in your way. You will see things differently everyday if not days, months and years away. People faced different problem on a daily basis if not months and years. Everyone is faced with different issue that might not […]

Good communication

How many times have you heard the “good communication skills”? You know…. the job requirements that stated good communication skills are a must. Are they really that important? Yes. Do most people do a good job of it? No. Don’t take your communication skills for granted. As part of your job, you need to take […]