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Just a thought…

I just received an email from my life coach with the file attachment of an example of My Life Plans. OMG!! It just opened my world of possibilities to face against the giants of IMPOSSIBLE dreams. I will be hacking my mind step by step with training by seeing events of thoughts. Now I believe […]


During 3 days of my NLP training, First day (Friday 26th) = bah, lame. 2nd day (Saturday 27th) = 2xbah, lameass. 3rd day (Sunday 28th) = eye wide open mumbling to myself = f**k it. I need 100xACTION.

I never dream…

that life has to materialised. It has to be formed, created and developed over the years. There are things that no amount of time and money can buy your personal experience. It is not a complete learning but a lifetime of accumulation. There are times that the issue you faced can thus be beyond your […]

Defeat is only a state of mind.

It is all in the minds. Decide to forge ahead and be a winner or be defeated. Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.