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The world is like a battlefield.

In all the world’s best minds, the debate is still always won and lost. There will be a time you have to face the future with a lot of uncertainties but to overcome this obstacles, we all are suppose to believe in what we want in life rather than depending on illusion that is blurry. […]

Unlimiting my limit beliefs

Am still in training to train my limit beliefs. It is one of the hardest and noblest tools to conquer the belief system. There are alot of limit decision/beliefs to a vary degree depending on what obstacles you have faced recently. Now I have come to find myself to have a limit beliefs whenever there […]

Unlocking my mind.

Now I am at a threshold of believing in what I want in life. I will not major in minor things anymore. I am going to get what I want which I haven’t gotten before 6 years ago during my university years in Australia, Brisbane. I am going to revive it once more. I am […]