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Human Brain Factor

What does HBF means? It is one of the lost founding where no one has thought of or a mind of a own. It is not up to my domain knowledge. I am a free thinker where things and thoughts surmount into realities from different angle of life itself. Bigger than life, bigger than wondorous […]

Journey of a Lifetime

This weblog is far from a blog as my journey of a thousand miles start with one step…….. This is never ending and I don’t know where to begin and end so I believe it is a journey of my thoughts into something unwavering that I want to venture into my incomprehensible mind. There is […]

Require 10 years of global economy changes to prevent proverty

Now the whole world has to rethink about how to change their wealth’s mindset. Everything will never be the same again. Time to reflect on what has gone wrong, mistake arisen, trust has to be more open and promote proverty free as well. Life is not about education but a life long learning and an […]

Life is not about why but a reason.

With heighten reason you can find a belonging and where you roam about in affluent way of your wealth’s experience. Believe in yourself that you can instill your passion to to achieve something extra-ordinary. Go by the extra miles. It is by no easy feat of your travels in search for your lost time with […]

Dream Interpretation offers Insight

Ever had the classic “examination” dream? You dream you’re late for class and miss the exam, or you can’t find the classroom, or you haven’t studied or you studied the wrong subject. You panic. Upon awakening, you might dismiss the dream as irrelevant — after all you haven’t been a student for years. Or you […]

Read to learn & learn to see.

Curious!!! Read on… Reading is learning to analysis the changes. Learning is to see with your own eye and use your critical thinking. It is always an everyday words and a daily dose of learning. Stop learning you will be brainwashed by other people’s powerful influence words where you can’t hold an empire to the […]

It takes years to be learned

By learning we can improvise in the long run with proven action rather than cheap talks. Need to show before the foundation is laid. Talk doesn’t help in improvising but learning is the way to blend and embrace changes where the world always moves constantly. People’s thoughts and opinion can be a voice of their […]

Reminiscence of past memories

18 years of my life seems just like a whiz of smoke where it is no longer there but just a flashback of neverending years of the past where it is never a step back in time till I just had a look at all the old letters pen-ed by old penpals, childhood friends, primary, […]

Incomprehension of a brilliant minds

This is politically omnipotent cronies of a powerful corporations of a high status where they stand to gain fame and wealth. From who? That is the supporters, the people and its viewership. It is all talks of a powerful status where people can’t really match up to. Potentially great people of notable status are but […]

Nearing End of Year 2008 (What is your point?)

Hi Guys and ladies, What are you all planning for next year’s resolution? Hopefully it be a good and enlightens year ahead of you during the Singapore economic downturn. It will take forever for Singapore to grow despite the world financial crisis that has hit everyone mentally but not the very least but to the […]