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What if my dream is impossible?

Humans do incredible things. Consider Roger Crawford, The American born with one leg and two arms, but no hands. Roger became a professional tennis player. That is, he earned professional status and coached tennis for a living. You can read his story in his book, “PLAYING FROM THE HEART“. Roger’s story makes you take a […]

How to Trick Your Body into Doing Everything Right

Here is a visualization technique that accomplishes all that. It guarantees that everyone you encounter will feel your warmth. I call it “Hello Old Friend”. When meeting someone, play a mental trick on yourself. In your mind’s eye, see him or her as an old friend, someone you had a wonderful relationship with years ago. […]

Why successful people have it All?

Have you ever admired those successful people who seem to have it all? You see them chatting confidently at business meetings, comfortably at social parties. They’re the ones with the best jobs, the nicest spouses, the coolest friends, the biggest bank accounts, the most fashionable zip codes. But wait a minute! A lot of them […]