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The best way to make dreams come true is to…

WAKE UP!! Come on guys and ladies, take it slow and steady. Time to wake up from reality and accept for what is real and illusion. There are things in life you gotta get what you want and go for it. It all seems too easy to say whatever we want that conjure up in […]

St Lucia, Brisbane dinners 2006

This photo was taken back in 2006 when I was cooking for my inviting friends for a meal. Was an enjoyable meal back then. Fun and enjoyable that no feelings can describe the normal picture that is shown here. It feels like old friends meeting for old time’s sake. Sorry my friend for the long […]

Student life in 2006

Here is a glimpse of a few photos of what my student life table looks like and it was taken in 2006. Oh my my how time have flown by in a twink of an eye and it is the year 2010. Here it is taken in Toowong, Brisbane, Australia. Another one taken at my […]

Don’t look at me like that..

lift your head look at me just be yourself that is what you said to me with a smile Every labyrinth has a way out In that gentle voice, I felt the wind leave this room of loneliness and solitude The key to the riddle is always in your hands it is up to you […]

Believe in your beliefs.

Whatever you do, whatever you go, whatever you indulge, whatever you own, whatever you learn, whatever you share, whatever you teach, whatever you wish, whatever you think? All boils down to one thing is you gotta believe in belief and a great leap of faith to enable yourself to change your mindset and unlock your […]