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Unlimiting my limit beliefs

Am still in training to train my limit beliefs. It is one of the hardest and noblest tools to conquer the belief system. There are alot of limit decision/beliefs to a vary degree depending on what obstacles you have faced recently.

Now I have come to find myself to have a limit beliefs whenever there are roadblocks in my mindset or a path that seems no point of return once action is taken. Might as well dare or move on. *grinning from side to side* Or the people I have met recently that looks so larger than life. Looks like I got a lot of going in me. Gotta see what are the challenges coming along on how to unlimit my beliefs. Now it requires alot of life’s experience to be able to experience the power of unlimiting the limiting decision of my life. Therefore I am in charge of my decision, my thoughts, my mindset and finally my courage self. It takes a great leap of faith within me.

Now I am learning to relax and see the world with positive mindset. Happiness will flow with me. Woohoo..

Clear screen, swish. I am off to bed. Yahoooo…. shhh.. *chuckles*

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