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Unlocking my mind.

Now I am at a threshold of believing in what I want in life. I will not major in minor things anymore. I am going to get what I want which I haven’t gotten before 6 years ago during my university years in Australia, Brisbane. I am going to revive it once more.

I am now redesigning my life’s plan once again because there are some things in life I gotta complete before going to the next plan no matter how much it would takes me to achieve as long as I believe in what I want and no more lousy B.S (intimating from Cayden) which means “Belief System” not bullshitting (I bet everyone thought the word “BULLSHIT”). Now I am forming a mental picture what it is like to own an empire one day. That is my anchor techniques to motivate me to greater heights.

From now, my mind can absorb a lot of pictures and am able to imagine what I haven’t thought so before. I am glad I unlocked my mindset to see a greater possibilities. I have came to realized that success and failure are not overnight experiences. It’s all the small decisions along the way that cause people to fail. It’s failure to follow up. It’s failure to take action. It’s failure to persist. It’s failure to manage our mental and emotional states. It’s failure to control what we focus on.

Fast forward to now… Only action allows me to learn what it means to find an answer within. An hour means a lot to me.

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