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Information leaps at a fast pace

As I look at the month of August and Singapore National Day is over. So still I wish happy belated happy birthday to Singapore. What Singapore is now 48 years old? How lame?

Nowadays all the information filled so many contents throughout all the web. It seems to me that it has become so boring. Entertainment sometimes are fun and enjoyable while it last. New contents to feed the brain with stimulants to enjoy the fun things to keep the boredom away. Yeah, well what does it offer? Nothing in the end. LOL!! Funny things do end fast.

I have google alot for information and all over the news and mostly web news are duplicated everywhere from media to newspaper. YAWN!! I wish there were something that we can feast our eye on. Facebook is so overhyped and overused. No wonder I spend less time on Facebook probably 10 mins max per day. Nothing much to do there except updating status but I can tell it is a time waster. Seriously!! It benefits me nothing at all but meeting random people in real life is more of a learning curve and challenge than talking on social media like Twitter and Facebook, just click and send. YAWN!! I guess I need something exciting so therefore I am looking for things to fill the void sometimes.

So many stuffs like Tumblr, Instagram, WeChat, Whatsapp, Weibo, Renren and etc…are like a sweetener. Coating so many things to lure the online audience with things to look up. My blogs hasn’t been update for such a long time because I was busy with life. So many stuffs ongoing like looking for people to get feedbacks and get some inspiration for my blogs. Need to inject life into my personal website.

I hope someone online out there in cyberspace to StumbleUpon my website. I guess my blogs is such a block of text walls.  Hahaha… Till then have a great week ahead.

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