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Just a thought…

I just received an email from my life coach with the file attachment of an example of My Life Plans. OMG!! It just opened my world of possibilities to face against the giants of IMPOSSIBLE dreams. I will be hacking my mind step by step with training by seeing events of thoughts. Now I believe no goal is too big or too small to achieve in life if you wish to finally taste the bitterness of success no matter what age you are in now. I am in for a long arduous journey.

One day when I age, I will sing my final swansong about my life’s goals that will be a legend known to many. This will encourage me to dream much further. Dreams must be alive not dead. I have read so many self-development books and I have never come across a “MY LIFE PLAN” worksheet that I need to take ACTION. Give up or die trying.

I believe I have a choice to make.

Thoughts to share: Never let yesterday disappointment overshadow tomorrow’s dream.

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  1. Cayden Chang says:

    Yes. That’s right. IMPOSSIBLE simple means ‘I – M – POSSIBLE’.

    Your Lifelong NLP Trainer & Coach


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