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Feelings is an investment

Love is like a business transaction where you get to invest part of your precious time. I don’t mean the money issue. It is something out of this ordinary world where romance doesn’t flutter but a sleeting days of time forgotten.

Once you feel you trust your soulmates, it all depends on your business thoughts of whether you want to invest your feelings that can be a costly experience that converts into 10%-50%-100% depending of your worth. If you invest too much of your feelings, you will fall and be hurt one day. It all depends on how much you want to invest in your feelings for the other party if you feel you can have a good future with your love ones. It is something that doesn’t grow with confidence and time but a feeling of an investment trust where you get to think whether she/he is the one for you. It is by no means easy feat within your heart’s ailments. In business world, love is like an investment where everything becomes one and one becomes all in your lifehood’s future that can extend days forever no matter how many years you have acquire.

Our hearts is very precious like a fragile glass. Same goes with common people of humankind. It is not from our world but a god’s gift from heavens that were sent down to you to have emotions that no medicine from medieval times are able to cure you once you are heartbroken. It is a test of your time and thoughts with open heart. It is something very hard to fathom within your mind’s bewilderment of thoughts where people’s explanation were not able to share with your experience’s lifelong learning knowledge where things are not a match made to grow with love of a lifetime.

Love doesn’t go by years of experience to mature. It is all about mutual feelings and there is an investment of your love’s wealth that will bring your future’s excellence. Love is about giving and not expecting any returns and the same goes for the partner’s. That is why if you ever find a partner that is worth of your time. Invest carefully before moving on and think carefully in details. It is not as easy as picking a flower that blossom in full season. Seasons come and go so tread with care.  Love is an investment that involves time with quality than quantity. See the difference between. It is something as a compromise and commitment not measure by how much you have done for each others.

Investment is not a measure of wealth’s experience but a good quality of time that can mature beyond your years’ expectation is what makes your lives worth a million times over than your feelings if there is no worth. That is what I call a smart investment that involves a business transaction with mutual feelings rather than worth.

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