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False Memories

False memories allow us to forgive ourselves and justify our mistakes, but sometimes at a high price: an inability to take responsibility for our lives. An appreciation of the distortions of memory, a realization that even deeply felt memories might be wrong, might encourage people to hold their memories more lightly, to drop the certainty […]


“normal human memory is highly error-prone”. and I love this one.. “suggestible individuals can have memories elaborated within their minds because of poor therapeutic technique”. lines taken off by Mistakes Were Made (not by me). It was an interesting read and I love every moment of this book. It was something that people don’t usually […]

Sunday of ransacking my room

Oh.. I dread hot Sunday morning & afternoon. Still so tired. Anyway was ransacking my room and turning my things upside down. Tons of novels and business books piling up my container boxes. Looking back, I didn’t realised that I have read and brought so much books from 2007 to 2009. As I flipped one […]

Facebook error

OMG!! Facebook error again today. Aarrgghhh.. I gonna boycott FB. I’m gonna yawn. This blog post is so boring once again. ZZZzzz…

Facebook aarrgghhh..

Facebook has acted up recently eventhrough I am connected to wireless broadband. RETARDED MOVES!! aarrgghhh OMG!! Again.. WOW!! I was wondering does anyone out there face this problem before. And it seems to me that facebook web performance has slowed down recently. I have no clue at all. ;(

Past memories of weblog

Oh lost memories. As I was looking back in my web server files and found a very old pictures which I created way back. Seems so funny and cartoonish. It seems to be a revelation for me. Ok enough said. Here is the review: So ironic..


L – lingering O – of V – violet E – emotion

A glimpse of look at…

MY BLOGS!! Omg…. Looks like ages I haven’t been updating. Till then, WOW!! I haven’t blog for so long. As I came back to have a glimmer of look and noticed that I haven’t written anything in 2009. LOL!! So ironic. Haven’t blogged since I am working full time at the moment. Yeah, hell right […]