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Life is always overlooked


Because people are so busy with their work, friends, family, daily lives and is often overlooked by their personal views without any thoughts. Didn’t spent time with what they want to do with life that is enriching. People do have a job and I do understand that as job need an income to support their living expenses but it is always never enough.

Most job in the world offer a 9am-5pm or 8am to 6pm working hours. Some working schedule might differ from companies to companies. Have anyone ever thought of working smart and diversify their workload in a better way in your own personal time. I believe none. Ok, lets put it aside.

As one of the millions people knows that moonlighting is illegal while you work full time. Not necessary so. Unless you are involved in illegal things like drugs or whatever it is against the law. For a moonlighting business is VERY LEGALLY defined because need another source of income to support their necessary medical care, food and living expenses. To be honest in asian countries like Singapore. Government are really suck up. It is just too plain true. I am not going to elaborate further. Or it would be rather useless and long winded. Keep it to minimum. As the world might go into proverty one day but we will never know yet. So everyone have to think of a way out to make more money to enrich their days better as years goes by. It is not something that is acquired within easily.

It takes a trained mind and great discipline to master the trade of your personal benefits to greater heights. It is always a work with personal growth that comes with hardship and hardknocks

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