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Some people said “PASSION” is rubbish and is a lost cause. Some people might have different views and opinion but do kindly tell yourself what passion is for. Think about it and do not say it is a lost cause.

Passion is..

When you care about what you do, enthusiasm carries you through. When you are passionate, no one else have to motivate you.

If you open your “dream restaurant”, and no one comes to eat, you keep trying new recipes, ideas, and locations until the place is crammed. If you run out of money first, you take your enthusiasm to someone who has more money than you – and you get a partner. You go through frustrations – and a few chefs – but in your heart, you know you are on course. Sure you need plenty of determination, but your passion is your foundation.

Vitality comes from a sense of purpose. You owe it to yourself and you owe it to other people to do what excites you. There are already enough lukewarm people in the world who get burned out without ever having been on fire.

Following your dream is no guarantee of an easy ride. Life usually becomes more challenging, but you embark on an outer journey which starts the inner journey. You have a chance to blossom – to see who you really are. Always remember no matter what age you are at and it is only a number,

If I start doing what I love will I have fewer problems?

No! Your mission in life is not to be without problems, your mission in life is to get excited.

Your best chance for prosperity is in doing what you love. Love is energy. Everything you do with love is infused with that “quality energy”, and that kind of energy is more likely to translate into dollars. But that doesn’t mean no frustration and no pain. I have a problem with some new age books which paint such rosy pictures. Their message is: “Just follow your dream and carry home the cash in a wheelbarrow.”


For example: Let’s say you believe that fathers should praise their children and give them lots of presents. Whenever yours doesn’t do it, you are upset. So you want to change Father. Most people never consider the alernative solution: change beliefs.

You say: “But doesn’t everyone believe these things?”

NO! Some people don’t, and they are happier because of it. Some people don’t expect others to behave in any particular fashion. As a result, they have more peace of mind.

To see things differently, you don’t need willpower, self-confidence, or brain surgery. You just need the courage to think the unfamiliar. Next time you are upset, remember it’s not so much people who make you angry, as your beliefs. Whatever thoughts are causing pain, they are only thoughts. You can change a thought.

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