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Reminiscence of past memories

18 years of my life seems just like a whiz of smoke where it is no longer there but just a flashback of neverending years of the past where it is never a step back in time till I just had a look at all the old letters pen-ed by old penpals, childhood friends, primary, secondary classmates and schoolmates.

It was like a walk down the memory laspe of time where the fluttering minds flows like neverending waterfall that can still lingers on and on but it can be stopped till the test of time. After being away in a strange faraway land for so long and it is like a whiff of smoke that seems hazy and cloudy. Never did I knew, I was a comforting advisor back in my high school days that is like a smoothering medicine that are so mint sweet that can calm my classmate’s emotional minds. I used to be so popular back those days but it was just biff in a light and heavy breeze of a story untold that is a secret forever hidden not known to my friends. Memories that are best reminiscence when you want to have a feel of the past that is long valuable that can’t be reclaimed back. It is only possible to linger on whenever you want the old feeling of the past just to kill your boredom whenever you thought of someone of your imagination that is just a figure of time.

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