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Read to learn & learn to see.


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Reading is learning to analysis the changes. Learning is to see with your own eye and use your critical thinking. It is always an everyday words and a daily dose of learning.

Stop learning you will be brainwashed by other people’s powerful influence words where you can’t hold an empire to the world’s best media that feeds you all the news that can destroy you. Read to learn can enable you to think what topic and meaning it holds and it can varies from different people’s mindset but the thoughts can come to mean one thing in the end when you have found an absolute answer to your thoughts of comprehension.

It is by no easy call and it is forever changing with the times, flows with the wind and disappear into dust where famous people can be long forgotten by billions of people in the world. Want to leave a legacy of unknown to a known reputation of yourself. Start by learning and sharing your thoughts to the world. Do not be afraid to share and giving to the whole community, only this way you will learn much faster and much better you in your quest for knowledge. There will be a day no amount of extensive experience can cower you with fear but you will be fearless against the corporation law. Provided that your words can PACK A PUNCH. Much mightiest than the pen and mightier than the sword. There are times we need to change our life principle’s law.

Incomprehension Intelligent thoughts to a comprehension are worldly economic affairs that surmount your post-idealism into a creativity world where things hold in high esteem far more than (IQ) intelligence quotient. I haven’t yet to discover what specific answer of intelligence’s theorem holds about life’s intelligent of a brilliant minds of the future in 2050. There will be such a day that Masters and PhDs degrees will be such a requirement as a post-entry level rather than diplomas and degrees in a farfetched future.

Why complicate your life nowadays? Just KISS (Keep it Simple and Stupid)….

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