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Splendor thinking has no start or an end to begin with

The world against us is not the only thing that flows to mind. Global issue is not the only topic at end of doubt reasoning. It is the only beginning that forms the knowledge of mind blowing comprehension that affairs of the world where the bigger picture can be an ugly side of the truth. There are brutal truth that hurts to the frail heart that no man can venture into danger territories.

What has come to an end is always a beginning that form asunder. Your stories shouldn’t waver but pursue a path that has no form but can open the doors of unlimited wealthy thoughts that can penterate through your intelligence mindset with certainty. Stay firm, strong and disciplined with great faith to withstand your comprehension thoughts against time of stillness where no man’s land will be able to stop you and sunder with fear. No matter how many watchful eye has been pierced through your mind, forge ahead and move on with the times of brave winding road that may never look back until you bring it to your grave.

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